Static Trading Is Here, Get Used To It.

The 100% flat rate trade change makes it so you no longer need to worry about channel surfing but, you now need to be careful when buying materials. Trading and processing can now be closely linked to one another.

What Do I Need To Consider For This Change?

  • A multiplier has been eliminated (the 0.8 to 1.3 sale price) and has been replaced with a static 1.
  • All other multipliers remain, so you need to work out your individual crate value depending on your situation.
  • Famme has an excellent crate calculator if you do not want to do your own math, but if you do here are the multipliers you need to multiply to your base price:
    • Distance bonus: (Trent-Valencia City 1.99)
    • Bargain bonus
    • Master 2 trade desert buff: (1.5)

Lets Take A Look At Crate Profits:

What Should I Take Away From This Chart:

  • The biggest variable now is what are the materials selling for.
  • You can pick an exact value for what you feel your time/worker’s time is worth and purchase any materials under that value.
  • The only competition in trading now is the competition to buy materials at good prices.
  • The only way to differentiate yourself from others will be your bargain bonus.

Hi! What’s The Best Thing To Process! Tell Me I Don’t Want To Read Or Understand The Process:

Unfortunately I’ve tried to convice people they should take everything step by step in order to see how to best maximize their lifeskills, but some players just refuse. They want to know the start to end value in 1 go. So I decided.. why not, here’s a chart for you.